Children's Books

Below the Waves: Timmy's Quest

Written & illustrated by Chris Trefz
One day, Timmy, a young octopus went out in search of oysters for his family. But when he discovers a gold key it takes him on an amazing adventure meeting a variety of sea creatures.

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The Realoscope Series

Written by Lance Okones & illustrated by Chris Trefz
Join Lisa and Brian as they use an amazing invention called the Realoscope to explore the galaxy. Teaming up with an outgoing alien named Deedle, the three friends learn about the solar system while having fun adventures and even winning the school science fair!

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Science Fiction

The Reptilia Droc Series

Written & illustrated by Chris Trefz
Delve into the beautiful and dangerous world of the Reptilia Droc with this science fiction series of illustrated short stories and novels.

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Illustration Portfolio

Chris Trefz works on a variety of illustration types, including children's books, editorial, science fiction, business ads & logos. He's experienced working in digital painting, vector, and color pencils depending on the type of job.

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